La Cuisine Paris – Cooking Class

I look more tired than I feel on day 1 since the docteur came with all of the antibiotics!
Learning to make French macaroons, with 2 types of ganache, dark chocolate with candied chestnuts and white chocolate with orange and cinnamon at La Cuisine Paris Cooking School was quite a complicated process! It took 2 hours and most of the ingredients had already been prepped. The macaroons were too sweet to my liking the day we made the 2 dozen or so we brought home to our apartment. Our instructor – who told us we did not have to call her chef since we were not in a formal cooking school – also told us the macaroons would be much better the second day. She was right, on day 2 they were delicious. I do think they are better than the ones I had last year, in Paris, from Ladurée or Angelina Salon de Thé – seriously! However, I’m certainly not interested in making these on a regular basis! We’ll see if I follow through with my idea of making these cookies for gifts!

Lunch at a wonderful sidewalk cafe, just before we took the class

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