Je suis arrivé à Paris

I’ve embarked on a 5 week business trip to plan for the January 2018 escorted Winter Tour I will be offering with first class train travel to famous places in multiple countries.
Paris Day 1 began at Angelina Salon de thé with a delicious breakfast of croissant filled with scrambled eggs & ham and Café au lait, temps in the low 20’s but still walked for hours, lunched at Le Souffle – great salad, Souffle beef bourguignon, and wine, visited 2 of the brilliant book nooks on my list; W.H. Smith, The English Bookshop and Galignia and the first English lnguage bookshop in Europe and ended the day at the Place de la Vendome and the Ritz Hotel. Click on smaller pictures to enlarge them.

One thought on “Je suis arrivé à Paris”

  1. And the adventure begins………. very lovely pictures. Thankful for your safe arrival and I will stay tuned.

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