Day trip to Oberammergau

The view from our balcony this Tuesday morning shows fresh snow on the Alps. It is cold – just 25 degrees. This is the 3rd morning we have made breakfast from the box that was delivered Sunday morning. Everthing is still so fresh and delicious. I love having local and organic produce and products and not having to venture out in the cold for my first cup of coffee or a morning mimosa! We are planning to go to and return from Oberammergau by train or bus and know we can catch either at the Garmisch Bahnhof (train station). A 15 minute walk gets us to the Bahnhof and the Tourist Information Office there lets us know we’ve just missed a bus so we opt for the train and note the times the bus will be leaving Oberammergau for our return.Click on smaller pictures to enlarge them.

So glad we did take the train because we had one breath taking view after another.

This charming alpine village is famous for many things: its long tradition of wood carving and shops filled with exquisite nativity scenes, angels, Madonnas, crosses, and much more; its beautifully painted frescoes on buildings, several with scenes from fairytales from the Brothers Grimm; and for its once a decade performance of The Passion Play. The play was first performed in 1634 when the town made a promise to God that if he spared the town from the bubonic plague sweeping Europe, the town would hold a Passion Play every decade telling the story of the adult life of Jesus.

We enjoyed lunch at the Post Hotel in-between wandering the streets and shops. On the bus ride home, we rode with a Gymnasium (high school) class on a field trip and had interesting conversations ranging from the new American President to American movies. Dare I tell you once again we visited Cafe Throne for a dinner of Gulaschsuppe and Apfelstreudel – with that warm vanilla sauce for dessert? I didn’t feel guilty because daily, we have been walking 4-6 hours.

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