Day 2 in Brussels

We hopped on a morning tram, changed to different ones a few times and eventually arrived at the Basilique Nationale, an art deco Catholic cathedral. Even though its construction began in the 1920’s, it wasn’t finished until the 1970’s. It is a very different type of cathedral with the brightest stained glass windows I have ever seen. We looked at many of its beautiful chapels and the main sanctuary before we rode the elevator up to the top and walked outside under the dome of the basilica for a 360 degree panorama view of the city. Click on smaller pictures to enlarge them.

Second on our list to visit was the Atomium structure. The word Atomium was created to be a combination of atom and aluminum. This structure was originally built for the 1958 World’s Fair and now has a permanent exhibit about the history of the building. Inside you walk up stairs and ride escalators and one so very steep and scary it reminded me of some of the escalators in the Tube in London. The Atomium also had elevators and with the escalators we went up, down and all around the various parts of the structure. The top, level 7, gave us a panoramic view of Brussels. My vertigo kicked in a couple of times here and at the Basilique and I listened each time Margy told me not to look and I was fine.

Our last stop of the day was to visit the Victor Horta house. He lived from 1861– 1947, was an architect and one of the foremost creators of the Art Noveau style (1893). The house is now the Musee Horta. Google Musee Horta and look under images to take a peek at this amazing house. (No photos were allowed in the house and the museum doesn’t have a very good website). Early the next morning, as I was sorting my credit card receipts, I noticed I was charge 60 euro ($63.81) instead of 6 euro ($6.38) for the entrance fee. Yikes – stay posted on how I solve this problem!

4 thoughts on “Day 2 in Brussels”

  1. Hey! Without a doubt! I know you WILL get the problem solved in reference to the credit card issue. Lol!! The pictures are beautiful! Hopefully one day I will be able to join you.
    Miss you!😞

  2. Sounds like an action packed day. Hope you get the credit card fiasco sorted out. The pictures are amazing! We all miss you terribly.

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