Call for the docteur … quick, quick, quick

On Wednesday morning, it was obvious my cold had taken a turn for the worse. After getting ready for prime time, I decided I needed to see a doctor. I knew I could get a doctor recommendation from the apartment owner, but I was dreading going out in the rain, finding the doctor’s office, and then waiting in a room of sick people. (The renter’s guide book, in the apartment, had SOS doctors listed, but we didn’t call one of these since I didn’t feel like I qualified as an emergency.)

A phone call to the apartment owner set me up to have a doctor come see me in the apartment – arranged with one of those SOS doctors. The doctor arrived in a little less than an hour, diagnosed me with bronchitis, wrote out 4 prescriptions and cost 85 euros. Not bad for an expedited home visit and my insurance will cover all!

My apartment is next to a pharmacie and a friend picked up the 4 prescriptions (23 euros) and soup and some provisions from a nearby, little grocery store. Whatever was in the cough medicine helped me sleep all day and all night on Wednesday. The antibiotics were powerful and effective – and I will take all. I’m writing this on Saturday and in the last 3 days, I’ve walked 22 miles (according to a friend’s iPhone) and had non-stop fun in Paris.

Vive le docteur Parisien!

3 thoughts on “Call for the docteur … quick, quick, quick”

    1. Thanks! I am never sick – so having this cold, for my entire trip, has been unusual. Since I’ve been going full speed ahead in rain, snow, sleet, and very ocassionally sunshine, I worried it was just a matter of time before I got worse. Luckily, I was only down and out for 1 day.

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