Antwerp today, Amsterdam tomorrow

The wind brought a bitter chill to the air that had us buying wide wool earbands and wool wrist covers to wear over gloves, both lined with fleece and from Pakistan, at a booth in the Antwerp’s main square today. This is such a lovely town, still decked out for the holidays.

We wandered the market stalls by the port, muched on piping hot fried potatoes with a large dollop of mayonaise (preferred over ketchup by all locals of the Benelux countries), criss crossed lanes near the cathedral (look for more about it in a future post) and when the sun diasppeared, we headed to a warm place for lunch.

Delicious, homemade zucchini cream soup with a luscious Irish coffee warmed me up. We continued our wandering of the town until well after dark. I needed and found a local pharmacie to stock up on cold supplies. I feel great but have lost the ability to speak – quite unbelievable – I know! My friends laughed when they heard the pharmacist tell me to not even try to talk. Easier said than done!

It sure looked like a beautiful Carolina blue sky, when the sun was out today, but it sure never felt like my Carolina today!

We are catching a 7:45 am train to Amsterdam tomorrow. Excited -even with forecast of colder and rainy weather.

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