A Unique Travel Experience  

I formed this small group travel company to share the delights and joys of Europe as well as my passion for travel by providing an exciting, easy going, and thrifty European travel experience.  Beautiful villas in Tuscany or Provence have provided my clients with a charming and perfect setting for day trips to explore the region. Drives through the countryside to a vast array of quaint towns and villages with attractions and markets make for a vacation where every day seems like living in a postcard.  Down days by the pool, wandering the nearest town or hiking paths,  and shopping in village markets almost makes one feel like a local resident. A special group camaraderie or esprit-de-corps inevitably emerges.  Early morning departures each day ensure we get ahead of the crowds and the heat and can return in plenty of time for a dip in the pool or a glass of fine wine before leisurely preparing dinner from the market shopping.  Whether you stick with the group or venture out on your own, each day brings the special promise of new exploits and serendipitous moments.

My newest venture is to have small groups join me in the winter for first-class train travel to famous destinations in multiple countries.

Having lived in Europe for 30 years, I've found many an off beaten path, navigated the popular ones, visited well-known and lesser-known attractions and places, shopped and haggled at the best and least known flea markets, found great vineyards for wine tasting and fabulous (as well as not so fabulous) cafes, bistros, brasseries, ristorantes, pizzerias, trattorias, and gasthauses.  Yet each trip back to Europe brings that original thrill of adventure and excitement.  Each return has the promise of new "old world" delights and never fails to please whether I'm exploring the unknown or revisiting a favorite place that welcomes me back like an old familiar friend.    Come to Europe with ME.

Mary Ellen Cravotta