A Special Tribute to Degas at the Musee d’Orsay

The Musee d’Orsay is my favorite museum in Paris – and maybe in the entire world. In my opinion, it is best to start on the top floorArt and work your way down. brings me such pleasure and I realize how lucky I am to visit so many museums and take my time in each. I was so excited to go back to this museum, see its new changes and visit the “old friends” I have there. Everytime I walk through this museum, I feel like my Mom is right there with me. She is the one who introduced me to and fostered my love of the Impressionist painters and art. Each visit makes me regret that we never visited this museum together. I am, however, here with 2 fellow art lovers and we have planned to spend the day here, have lunch in one of the cafes and, of course, shop in the museum shops on each floor. I could never abide visiting a museum by dashing to just the most famous paintings, and missing out on all the audio guide has to offer and discovering new art that appeals.

A few of my old Musee d’Orsay friends:

I loved seeing the children in the museum!

I have always liked Degas and learned so much at the special exhibit held to commemorate the 100th year anniversay of his death. I had a Degas print, from the National Art Gallery, in my bedroom a child. Since my granddaughter is interested in beginning ballet, I picked up a few of my favorite prints to frame for her March birthday.

I added to my collection of fine art magnets at this museum. I decided, in Amsterdam, to buy magnets of fine art that I like and use them to teach my granddaughter about art. I bought quite a few at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, more in the art museums of Rome, and added another 15 from the shops at the Musee d’Orsay. I might have the beginnings of the largest collection, in the United States, of art magnets from art museums in Europe.

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